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Boston, MA


Massachusetts Parkour coaching, clinics, camps and events. From your first day of training to expert level, Project Freerun is there to guide you through every step.


Adult 18+

Our adult level programming varies from basic to advanced, catering to those first learning to move after years of office work or couch potato-ing all the way to giving high-level athletes, ex-gymnasts and fitness enthusiasts a brand new challenge to be humbled by and new routes to amplify their training. 

These classes are scale-able, and always having multiple coaches involved to give one on one advice to compliment the group training.  We work all aspects of parkour in this level, and we really listen to the class to feel where and how intense we take our training. A huge area in training later in life is that you have a history of sports, injuries, and specialties that are going to make your training very unique to you and excel in very different areas. For this reason we don't immediately have different level classes at our locations currently, but take it on an athlete to athlete basis to find where your weakness are to strengthen and become well rounded.


Enroll/Drop into this class if:

You're an adult whos ready to jump into the world of creative movement, parkour and freerunning. Our minimum age is 18 here as to create a class of like minded athletes who can progress together. 


Age Range: 18-88

sorry grandma