Dylan Polin


I started training Parkour is 2005 after seeing one of the first parkour videos by Team Urban Freeflow. The awe of what people could do with normal ordinary areas astounded me. I went outside that day and started jumping off everything at the local playground!

I enjoy so much a out coaching but my biggest thrill is helping a student ascend past a point they very vividly once thought impossible for them. I call it the "level up" moment.


Ernest Lubonja


I entered the parkour world in October 2008 and ever since the world has been nothing but a beautiful playground. The beginning has always been harsh since there were no books, tutorials or anything to learn from. Therefor we had to cope with the ground and learn how to properly adjust our body in different situations.

Anyone can move from A to B. But life its never that easy and obstacles are almost inevitable. We must adapt and be ready for everything in our way. Determination and time are the necessities to become a great athlete.


Davis Vasconcellos


I started parkour after seeing videos of the Yamakazi group back when i was in 6th grade, that naturally progressed into me teaching myself how to speed vault and kong etc. I also had a trampoline so i was able to teach myself basic flips fairly early. Then in high school, i started track and field as a sprinter and jumper and that provided the perfect cross training for parkour

I enjoy coaching because I want to pass the knowledge i have about myself down to the next generation of athletes. They are the ones who will be pushing the sport in a decade, so i think it's important for them to have the strongest foundation possible for learning.