Project Freerun is a collection of New England parkour athletes coming together in the pursuit of perfection in training and instruction of parkour and freerunning. At our locations we promote an environment of hard training, respect, and progression to create high level athletes while keeping a fun, and light atmosphere. 

~What You'll Need~

These classes are scalable, and always having multiple coaches involved to give one on one advice to compliment the group training.  We work all aspects of parkour in this level, and we really listen to the class to feel where and how intense we take our training. A huge area in training later in life is that you have a history of sports, injuries, and specialties that are going to make your training very unique to you and excel in very different areas. For this reason we don't immediately have different level classes at our locations currently, but take it on an athlete to athlete basis to find where your weakness are to strengthen and become well rounded.

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Parkour, Project Freerun, and You


From roots starting in France in the late 90's Parkour has been showing people around the world what the body is not only capable of doing, but meant to be doing. Its in our blood to move, explore, and be challenged. Parkour has been the perfect conduit to get people moving and training. Over the years the only way to learn or practice was through trial and error - usually racking up injuries along a slow, laborious path that had a very low ceiling of skill level. Through the years we've seen Parkour go from a very utilitarian, efficient movement and evolve into an expression of what we can train the body to accomplish. This evolution has been driven by athletes passing on these lessons and technique to the next generation. In doing so has given the sport a turbo-shot of advancement.

A sport, art form, lifestyle - whatever you call it, Parkour is dependent on the area you are in. What you are able to do depends heavily on the setting you are in, and we learn to find potential in every square inch. Project Freerun is dedicated to bringing Parkour training to areas that on first sight may not look like a paradise for training and we show through development of skills anywhere can truly be your playground.