Dylan Polin

Head Coach // Owner

 A veteran of the Parkour community, Dylan has played an integral part in the development of the Parkour and Freerun community in New England. From the early days of setting up Boston's first regular jams, to hosting America's Largest parkour gathering hes been the driving force of the areas community. Parkour is very social and open, and at these events over the last decade there has been a huge air of helping out your fellow practitioners, and this soon manifested into a full time occupation of coaching all levels of the sport. 

In tandem with coaching, Dylan is an accomplished athlete in his own right. Training for 11 years on going now, hes seen Parkour take him from such accomplishments as the International Red Bull Art of Motion competition, to sponsorship's with The Northface and local clothing brands. Holding the strong belief in practicing what you preach you can find Dylan training weekly in Boston, always learning through movement to pass onto his students.

Jeremiah Washington

Media Director // Assistant Coach

Jeremiah is the life-force behind Project Freerun, and lead media director of Massachusetts Parkour. While he does (as everyone in Project Freerun must) train parkour, his skill set is more heavily behind the lens. Any video, picture or design you see come out of PF is his creation - a modern day Dr. Frankenstein. 

His journey in photography started 6 years ago after inspiration struck while watching a photoshoot in Downtown Boston. Soon after receiving his first camera as a present from his mother, he quickly fell in love with capturing the magic around him that most over-look in the bustle of city life. After discovering Parkour, his skills in photography quickly became well known for his ability to compose not only a beautiful shot, but to express the mental process of the sport. 

Sam McGinn

Sam is not only an amazing parkour athlete and coach, but a retired Elite level gymnast, and a mechanical engineer. He brings his knowledge of not only traditional gymnastics into Project Freerun, but also a very clinical approach to breaking down movement and the forces behind them. 


Vince Klapper

Vince is one of Project Freeruns auxiliary coaches, and works with us to bring Project Freerun into bigger events, demos and special classes. When he's not working with PF, he's running New Englands premiere Ninja Warrior Facility, Gymja Warrior. You can find out more about Vince and Gymja here.

 Gymja Warrior

Vince is a former Marine, Ninja warrior competitor, Parkour Athlete and skateboarder. He brings not only life to Project Freerun, but the essence of the Marines. You can thank him for our conditioning segment! 

Jonathan Roberson